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New Nocatee St. Johns County K-8 School

St. Johns County Announces New K-8 School Coming to Nocatee in 2026

Posted by The PARC Group - Nocatee's Master Developer

Nov 14, 2023 2:10:20 PM

The St. Johns County School District has announced that one of its newest K-8 schools will be located in Nocatee, just south of the Seabrook Village neighborhood. The new K-8 School "RR" will open for the 2026-27 school year. St. Johns County has also confirmed that its newly-released 2024-25 zoning plan will not affect any Nocatee students. 


This is the fifth school site donated by Nocatee’s developer, The PARC Group, to the St. Johns County School District. Pine Island Academy opened for the 2021-22 school year, Palm Valley Academy opened in 2018, Valley Ridge Academy opened its doors in 2014 and Ponte Vedra High School opened in 2008. The new K-8 School “RR” will accommodate approximately 1500 students. 


“Education has always been an important cornerstone of the Nocatee lifestyle,” said Rick Ray, Chief Executive Officer of The PARC Group. “We are pleased to provide a neighborhood school for the families in our final Nocatee communities.”


To view current school zoning for Nocatee students, please explore Nocatee's Schools page or CLICK HERE

New St. Johns County K-8 School Nocatee

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